Nail Biting and Other Harmful Habits

Are you tired of hiding your hands when you meet new people?  Would like to stop the habit you have developed of biting your nails when you are bored, nervous, stressed out or feeling down?  Hypnosis can help you finally put this habit behind you.

Success in your Program ~ Stay with It Guarantee

Success in your program will include your cooperation, attendance, attitude and motivation. As people differ, so does the amount of time needed for individuals to reach their personal goal. Although it is not possible to guarantee human behavior, Clear Vision Hypnosis provides a Stay with It Guarantee.

Once a program is fully paid for, there are no additional charges for sessions, regardless of how long the client takes to reach the original goal of the program.

Once the agreed upon training period is complete, Clear Vision Hypnosis provides FREE REINFORCEMENT sessions as needed (one a month maximum) until the client has achieved their goal.

If you ever go back to your problem or habit, you can request our services at no additional charge for as long as Clear Vision Hypnosis is open for business.

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