How hypnosis feels varies from one person to another, however, I will attempt to explain it in a relatable way. Hypnosis is a relaxing, calming experience. Your body may feel heavy, as if you are sinking into the more

The simple answer is yes. Hypnosis helps change the way you look at food. It helps you to use food as fuel and nothing else. Using hypnosis, you will change your relationship with food. To put it clearly, hypnosis helps…read more

For the most part, anyone can be hypnotized. With the exception of only a few people, everyone can be hypnotized. Those who cannot be hypnotized are people with a low IQ, less than 70; someone who doesn’t…read more

Yes, hypnosis can help you have a better sleep. Hypnosis will help you cope with the stressors that may be keeping you from falling asleep. You can learn to relax your mind and fall asleep faster and easier…read more

The short answer is no, you should not expect to pass out when you are being hypnotized. When going into hypnosis, you go into a very relaxed state. A state that really feels like almost falling asleep…read more

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